Teddy’s new friend

When allegedly pro-life Senator Bill Frist, a Republican, a physician, changed his mind on human embryonic stem cell research, who do you suppose applauded him? The granddaddy of political "culture of death" efforts, Senator Ted Kennedy!

Frist claims that this is a matter of "science," which means he has decided to ignore Biology 101 – and human embryology too. I, for one, am thankful to God he's not my doctor.

Since it is Frist who claims that killing innocent human beings in their embryonic stage is going to potentially "alleviate suffering," one wonders exactly what he calls dying so that others can have your body parts. Sounds like suffering to me.

Anyway, the real zinger in all this is that the Bush spokespeople have no problem, thanks. One wonders … where have all those allegedly "pro-life" Republicans gone anyway!!!

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