Surreal Is All Too Real

There's a headline in the news today that brings the entire pro-life struggle into total focus. It reads: "Irish IVF Mother Loses Court Case to Implant Frozen Children."

A judge held in this case that the estranged parents of these children had not reached an agreement regarding their fate. The father of the children did not want to accept responsibility for his children, while the mother of the children fought valiantly to protect them.

The couple has one born child, and there were three in the deep freeze. As their mother said, "they are our children's brothers and sisters, just in the beginning of their life. The right place for them is to be back inside their mother, who's me."

The fact is that the father wanted his children "donated" for medical experimentation; or to put it bluntly, he wanted them all killed.

So where are we as a culture when such things occur regularly, not just in Ireland but right here at home? What is it that drives people to in vitro fertilization labs? Is it the thought that just because a couple wants children, they have a right to have them "created" in a lab somewhere? 

I cannot imagine being a teenager who finds out one day that his brothers and sisters were frozen in a vial and subsequently defrosted and killed. Can you?

This is why American Life League opposes in vitro fertilization and hopes that one day it is banned. Left in the wake of that first IVF experiment nearly 40 years ago are literally millions of dead babies, frozen children and only God knows what else. The worst science fiction novel cannot possibly capture the horror of what is now reality.

Children are trash, children are commodities, children are problems, children are whatever their parents say they are … or are not. If that's progress, the gates of hell cannot be far off.