Students Protest Deadly Attacks on Nation’s Youngest Victims and Most Vulnerable Citizens

Students Protest Deadly Attacks on Nation’s Youngest Victims and Most Vulnerable Citizens

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 19th, 2018) – Encouraged by the recent groundswell of free speech expression and demonstrations against violence directed at young people, today, on National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, students in 356 US cities across 47 states are ensuring that their life-affirming message is heard loud and clear.

In true American fashion, these young activists will don shirts proclaiming their uncompromising, 100% pro-life convictions.

Despite recent and repeated attempts by school administrations to limit students’ free speech activities in their defense of preborn human beings, today these young people will courageously exercise their constitutional right to take a public stand and be heard – an action recognized by the majority of Americans as fundamental to our national identity.

Aware of the potential for confrontation and attempted intimidation by school officials, the Thomas More Law Center is offering free emergency legal assistance to any student whose First Amendment rights are attacked or restricted during this day.

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program and Life Defenders Youth Outreach have coordinated this record-breaking event. Educational outreach coordinator Mary Flores stated:

Students from grade school through college are more fired up than we’ve EVER seen them. We’ve had a difficult time meeting demand and keeping up with requests for information and resources. I think these young people are realizing the power of their convictions and the volume of their individual and collective voices. They want to be part of something epic and meaningful, and they understand that this is THE battle of our time.

ALL president Judie Brown added: “The silent majority is silent no more” – a pointed reference to the polls showing that a solid majority of Americans oppose unfettered abortion in numbers that far outpace support for other high-profile cause.

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Media availability: CLSP outreach coordinator Mary Flores is available for interview.

Media inquires: Please contact ALL at (540) 659-4171.