Student Health Or Cancer Of The Conscience? You Decide!

Every day something seems to crop up in the news that makes me so grateful to be 63 years old instead of a young mother or father. 

More than twenty years ago American Life League established a task force to oppose school-based health clinics, and what you are about to read is but another example of our failure to capture the attention of the American public.

The latest news from Maine reminded me once again that big brother has not only invaded the family in an attempt to usurp parental authority unto itself, but is robbing our children of their innocence in oh so many ways.

Middle school students ages 11-13 are in for a bit more brainwashing in the coming years if Maine's health depatment gets its way. According to a news report, the 11-13 year old students have been receiving condoms as part of the reproductive health program in force in the middle schools around the state.

And now they want to add birth control pills to the mix. The supporters of this proposal, according to news reports, say that "a small number of King students are sexually active, but those who are need better access to birth control."

One of the wives of a city council member told the media she was fine with the plan but realized that some parents would not be. While that sounds very open minded, it also smacks of perhaps the biggest problem young children have today in our society … their parents — the ones who do not pay attention, do not care and simply assign the task of raising their children to anyone who happens to be with them.

While I would hope that Maine parents would rise up and stop this by nipping it in the bud, these are perhaps many of the same parents who knew seven years ago that the reproductive health program in middle schools was going to hand out condoms and did nothing about it. If they had, such a program would have already been tossed out.

Oh yes, and in case you wondered, the high schools in the area have been preparing prescriptions for birth control pills since 1973. Now what might this have to do with the ongoing decline of moralit in our society?

It is a sad time in which to be living, and as I read news reports like this one I praise God for my own three children and their ten children because I never worry about a single one of my grandchildren becoming a statistic like the ones I have been reporting to you. After all, when parents care enough to be totally immersed in the lives of their children, protecting them from all manner of social ills to the best of their ability, the children actually do survive as fine, upstanding human beings.

And that would be no thanks at all to any public school system, and sadly many private schools as well.

If you are reading this today and you live in Maine or have family there, please alert them to this latest attack on parental authority.