Stem cell skinny

Just got off the phone with an "in the know" Capitol Hill political type, and there is no good news to report. It seems that in a rush to provide some sort of "alternative" to the full funding of human embryonic stem cell research bill (HR 810), some senators are recommending other types of stem cell manipulation, even though there could be grave consequences to the methods being endorsed. After all, I never met a U.S. senator who also happened to be a geneticist, have you?

Now you know what makes my blood boil in all this? It's simple. Let's stop all the conniving and bickering about human embryonic stem cells, and which ones we want to protect or which ones we want to use while we claim we are not really using them and just say no to in vitro fertilization! Just ban it, and ban it now!

What is so darned hard about that