Stem Cell Sham

As the Senate begins debate on two different pieces of legislation it is important to note that there really isn't any difference between the two.

Let me explain, First of all, Senator Harry Reid's bill is so similar to the bill President Bush vetoed last year that chances are slim that the bill would ever be signed by the president.

However, the legislation authored by senators Isakson and Coleman claims to be an ethical alternative that could actually become law. Isakson is convinced that his bill "threads the ethical needle" and would garner Administration support.

But wait! This bill is described as permitting human embryonic stem cell research on embryos that scientists determine are incapable of surviving in the womb.

Say what???

In other words, if a particular scientist is in need of human embryonic stem cells for his research and comments that he does not believe the human embryos will survive, then he is welcome to kill them.

What a shame that such a sham can not only be proposed but gain support from would-be pro-life politicians. Don't be fooled; both bills are deadly!