South Dakotans will protect state’s strong abortion law

"The people of South Dakota certainly welcome the opportunity to defend the life-saving ban on surgical and medical abortions their state approved earlier this year," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "Today's petition filing by the so-called Campaign for Healthy Families, which seeks to overturn the ban, is not unexpected. Despite these abortion proponents' efforts to undermine the state's elected legislature and governor, South Dakotans stand strongly behind this law that will save an untold number of lives."

A group comprised of pro-abortion organizations, including the Planned Parenthood affiliate that serves Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, announced today that it has obtained more than 37,000 signatures in the effort to refer the abortion law to a statewide public vote in November.

"Despite how the statistics are being spun, these petitions are clearly not a mandate by the people of South Dakota," said Mrs. Brown. "The collected signatures represent only a very small portion of South Dakota's total population. Furthermore, our pro-life contacts in the state report that many of the signatures were collected through deceptive tactics."

American Life League is active in South Dakota and has several chapters of its youth outreach operating in the state. Brown said she is confident the people of South Dakota will go to the polls and protect the law. She also noted the measure has gained tremendous support nationwide. "Pro-lifers around the country have been inspired by what has happened in South Dakota over the past few months," she said.

"We fully expect that South Dakotans will continue to serve as a beacon of light for our nation and will uphold this law in November. They understand the gravity of the situation and appreciate the fact that with their votes, they have a unique opportunity to take an action that could to save the lives of thousands of preborn children from the heinous act of abortion," said Mrs. Brown.

Release issued: 30 May 06