South Dakota Two Step

As we enter the final two weeks of the effort in South Dakota to support the state's ban of all medical and surgical abortions, every pro-lifer must be vigilant and resist the temptation to become waffly in order to appease the pro-abortion pressure.

Just like Satan himself, those who favor abortion are never appeased, but always silently gleeful when pro-lifers develop a wobbly back bone.

As one news report states, "If the ban is defeated, anti-abortion activists may try again later with a milder version making exceptions for rape and incest, but the outcome would heralded nationally as a major victory for abortion rights."

Yes, and far worse than that, the very fact that pro-lifers who have fought so hard and so valiantly to protect all the babies would already admit that they might be willing to exclude certain babies from protection if they have to try again are sending a very sad message to the nation.

Do we believe in the dignity of the human person without exception or don't we?

Let's focus on victory and get the job done. The babies deserve it, period … end of story.