South Dakota Needs Prayer

A dear friend sent this note to me, and I join him in fervent prayer and ask that you do likewise.  Partisan politics will not save babies; you will!

It appears that the Republican party in South Dakota and nationally, including the liberal president are NOT taking a stand for life and supporting the Vote Yes for Life in South Dakota. The pro-life -elected Sen. John Thune (R) and Gov. Mike Rounds (R) are silent on this most important moral issue, and the president has made no plans to support the right to life in South Dakota as he transverses the nation.


So much for the GOP and its cowardice as the people and troops lead and are brave. Sadly, the political parties are cowardly when it matters. It is up to you/me to make a difference as our parties are worthless.

Pray for a pro-life victory in South Dakota.

Gene Malone, South Dakota-born.


God bless you, Gene!