South Dakota bill splits “pro-life” movement

Reading a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor on the no-exceptions South Dakota Bill really makes one wonder what the "practical" and "pragmatic" in the pro-life ranks are waiting for.  After all, every abortion is an act of murder, and the only way to honestly challenge the misconceived idea in Roe vs.Wade that the preborn child is not a person is to confront them with the precise question of who a person is.

While some argue, according to the article, "The court as an institution tends to be very protective of its image, and doesn't tend to overturn its own decisions on a whim or something that could be perceived as being of a political nature," two things strike me as quite startling.

First, to propose a state law that finally recognizes the preborn child as a human being is not a whim. Some of us have been working on making that happen for 33 years.

Second, a Court more concerned with its image than it is with constitutional protection for the most vulnerable members of the human family has a problem that pro-lifers need to expose, not pander to, in my humble opinion.

Let's get over attempting to be politically correct, kowtowing to people like George Bush who claims through a spokesman that he does not support the South Dakota bill, and do what's right for a change.  Wake up!  Killing babies is murderous, not politics as usual.