Sorry...That's Not a Baby...It's Just Your Opinion

November 18, 2010 09:00 AM

Proponents and practitioners of abortion are becoming more and more strident in their denials regarding not only the rights of mothers to know all the facts but the reality of who is killed during an abortion. Imagine sitting in an audience where a debate on the humanity of the preborn child is taking place, and hearing from Planned Parenthood, “We are not going to try to use science or evidence—the fact of the matter is, this is, this is opinion. We all have our own opinions as far as when human life begins.”

As if this were not proof enough of the crippled consciences among those who favor aborting the innocent, think about the situation in Rockford, Illinois, where abortionist Dennis Christensen’s facility is located—an abortion clinic that has not been inspected in 14 years! 

Pro-Life Corner’s editor has exposed this calamitous situation, writing,
How is it that an abortion “clinic” has a free ride for safety and hygiene? Are women so substandard that they don’t deserve proper care? Where are the women who rant and rave to keep abortion legal? Why aren’t they doing something about the deplorable conditions of the abortion mill in Rockford? Why hasn’t the mayor, the city attorney, or anyone else in authority done something about these conditions? Is there no one in the city of Rockford or the state of Illinois who cares about the sub-standard conditions we see at this place? Safe, legal abortions are not taking place in Rockford. They may meet the criteria of legal, but safe? I think not. 
In the very same city, pro-life activists are treated as non-persons and with disrespect by the police, while the man who is operating a filthy, inhumane, unsafe so-called medical establishment gets away with murder. 

Another drama is playing out in New York City. The City Council is clearly in cahoots with NARAL, publishers of a recent scathing report entitled, “The Lies, Manipulations and Privacy Violations of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New York City.” The City Council is holding hearings on a proposed law aimed at these life-affirming agencies even though the NARAL report is full of erroneous, hysterical claims. 

Theresa Bonopartis, a post-abortive woman and founder of Lumina, examined the proposed law and the NARAL publication, and told the City Council
Over the years I have heard accounts of the manipulation and deception of countless abortion clinics: women seeking help to have their babies who are encouraged to abort for “mental health” reasons, women who did not know or were not told the development of their unborn baby, or the details and dangers of the abortion procedure they were about to undergo. I myself am one of those women. Women deserve to know the entire truth about abortion whether they are in a CPC or an abortion clinic. Why is there no legislation being passed to ensure this? You continue to deny women the whole truth of the dangers of abortion yet you appease the powerful political abortion lobby. 
Clearly whether one is a resident of Colorado, Illinois, New York City or practically anywhere in this nation, murder and mayhem are being legitimized while scientific facts, the rights of women and the heroic actions of pro-life Americans are being ignored, thwarted or otherwise marginalized. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, equal rights for all—both born and preborn—and truth?

Apparently the power and financial muscle of the abortion cartel are enough to make mice out of the men elected to public office to serve all the people.

Please don’t sit back and say there is nothing you can do. There is so much that you can do. Get involved today. Below is the contact information for each of the featured organizations. 

Personhood Colorado: Currently gearing up for 2012
Visit or call 303-456-2800.

Pro-Life Corner:
Presented by Stephenson County Right to Life
Visit or call 815-232-2538.

Lumina: A post-abortion referral network
Visit or call 877-586-4621.
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