Soouth Dakota’s Spirit of Despair

How sad it was for me to read the following comment in the South Dakota Voice blog today:

While I believe this tpe of bill ignores the fact that the child conceived in rape/incest is just as sacred as any other child, we tried our best to get the best bill passed last year…"

The surrender to some abortion is so heartbreaking that I can scarcely keep from sobbing. What in the world is going on? Why are pro-lifers so quick to quit, to water down their position, to surrender to the spirit of despair?

When the people of South Dakota voted last year to reject the state's abortion ban, they did so by a margin of ten percent (55% to 45%). What that should have told the pro-life people of the state is that they were nearly there, and with a little more education, a little more explanation of why rape and incest exceptions are never a good thing, and a whole lot of prayer, they could have come back in two years and … perhaps won!

But no, instead they have capitulated to the vocal demands for exceptions that we heard during the campaign last year.

What a rotten shame. Let us pray for the people of South Dakota; that their despair may be replaced by a courageous commitment babies. Then and only then will "public opinion" change.