Some murder is OK with us?

Well, at least that seems to be the message coming forth from National Right to Life and its affiliates. The most recent example comes from a news report in the Dallas Morning News. Covering the South Dakota law that bans all medical and surgical abortion, the newspaper spoke with Texas Right to Life director Elizabeth Graham.

She told reporters that “’quibbling over rape and incest is ridiculous’ because the number of such cases is small. Limiting access to abortion with those exceptions would stop most abortions.”

Strange, isn’t it, that after almost 34 years of failed strategies including excluding certain babies from their legislative tactics, NRLC people still don’t get it. Pro-life Americans are not in this battle to limit murder; we just want to protect every preborn child because he or she is a person. Nobody, including pro-lifers, has a right to decide who to kill and who to protect. A child conceived in rape or incest is a person, not a political gambling chip.

But, perhaps for some, politics simply trumps personhood. Ms. Graham told the newspaper, “Texas has a reputation for passing common sense pro-life legislation that people on both sides of the aisle can support.”

To this I must reply, "Bologna!" Graham’s brand of “common sense” is nonsense.