Siding with Planned Parenthood

October 1, 2007 09:00 AM

The exercise of legislation via judicial fiat has reached new levels today with the decision of the Supreme Court to decline hearing arguments in defense of religious organizations which do not want to provide contraceptives s part of the drug coverage they offer to their employees.

Particularly in the case of Catholic organizations, this is appalling. The Catholic Church teaches that contraception is evil and the practice of it is a sin. Therefore, it seems clear enough that in this particular case the court has chosen to rely on state tactics of intimidation rather than recognizing the free exercise of religious freedom in this country.

It is an abomination that any Catholic entity should be put in the position of ignoring its own teachings in deference to state mandate. It is a matter of historical fact that contraceptive practice marks the first time in medical history where perfectly healthy women are given medication to “protect” them from the natural experience of procreation. Since when is contraception part of health care?

I wholeheartedly agree with attorney Kevin Baine who stated, “A church ought to be able to run its affairs and organize relationships with its employees in a way that’s consistent with moral values and teachings.” Apparently the court finds it unacceptable to concur and prefers to side with the proponents of such laws including Planned Parenthood.

The court’s decision to decline to hear the case involving a New York state law does not bode well for any religious group in America, but most particularly for Catholic organizations. Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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