Sidewalks Offer Opportunities Far Greater Than Walking Off Pounds

Every time I, as a senior citizen, read a story about how to be healthy and happy in your sixties, there is invariably a reference to the importance of exercise, particularly walking. You have heard this too, of course, and that the safest place to do your walking, short of a lovely tree-filled park, is a sidewalk.

But perhaps you had not thought about the potential certain areas of the sidewalk have for ordinary folks like you and me to save lives and souls. Yes, in case you had not guessed, I am talking about the sidewalk that stretches from one end to the other of property that houses abortion facilities. The people on that particular area of sidewalk who do life-saving inspired work every single day the abortionist is open for business are known by many as sidewalk counselors.

These people are, in my humble opinion, the true heroes of the pro-life movement. They literally put their lives on the line for the children and they do make a difference. Just today I read the following from the Houston Coalition for Life:

Baby saved at Planned Parenthood!

Ten days ago a mother and her unborn child were saved from the horror of abortion through the grace of God. She responded to the sidewalk counselor present that morning who lovingly offered her an alternative. She had the cash for the abortion in her purse and was reluctantly willing to go through with the procedure. If the Stand & Pray volunteers and sidewalk counselors had not been there that morning, most likely she would have had the abortion.

On a fairly consistent basis women are sent away from Planned Parenthood for a free pregnancy test and Christian counseling when pro-lifers are present there.

Your presence in prayer and Sidewalk Counseling really does make a difference! 

This is but one of those inspiring vignettes that we are fortunate to see every single day. This one report is enough to explain why it is that we remain firm in our conviction and message that preborn children are human beings, people whose lives are equally valuable to those of their mothers and fathers – persons in every sense.

Sidewalk counseling is frequently overlooked as a valid activity in which anyone, including an entire family with children, can cooperate. All you need is the willingness to sacrifice your time for life, the desire to be a representative Christ on the sidewalk near an abortion facility and the understanding that the words you speak may save a life just as certainly as your prayerful presence there will touch the hearts of many. We do not know this because people come up and explain that we have made a difference by our prayerful presence and our words of love; we know this because we understand that by example we are providing others with a chance to see, hear and know in their hearts the truth that abortion is an act of murder.

There is never a need to scream, to wave arms or to otherwise behave in a radically unchristian way. There is always a need to rely on the Holy Spirit as you stand or walk, pray and talk.

I hope that my words will awaken in you a desire to know more about sidewalk counseling, the activity that helps us reach out to others who are weighted down with thoughts and desires that conflict with God’s call to love and cherish life. There are some wonderful resources on the Internet that can help you learn more about sidewalk counseling, how it’s done and where it happens.

Joe Scheidler’s (Read) can help you find out right now if there is a Planned Parenthood in your town and which group is leading the sidewalk activities there.

Check it out and you will be on the way to saving babies, loving expectant mothers and witnessing to the truth that abortion is not an answer to a problem but a hellacious choice that is indeed an act of murder.

I encourage you to let your very being become an instrument in the hand of God! Exercise for the soul is by far the most beneficial kind of workout? Don’t you agree?