Sickly stem cells

Politics in science is nothing new, but sometimes it is so blatant as to be downright discouraging. Recent reports suggest that those specific human embryonic stem cell lines that President Bush approved for use in 2001 are problematic.

It seems that genetic mutations can occur, throwing into question the actual usefulness of the very cell lines the government has approved. One report says that the longer these cell llines are kept, the more they divide meaning that more errors are buit up in their genetic code.

What is most distressing is that these reports come at a time when a great deal of pressure is being put on Congress, by such luminaries as the once allegedly pro-life Sen. Bill Frist, to lift the ban on using more such cell lines. I wonder how much of this is true and how much of this is based on the ultimate greedy goal of acquiring more money for research.

Just wondering, of course.