Shame on the MS Society

By Mark Pickup

The American Multiple Sclerosis Society  has made the following statements. My comments/translations follow in italics.

Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Available for Federally Funded Research

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society urges Congress to support the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007 (H.R.3 and S.5) at all levels of the legislative process. The legislation would increase the number of approved embryonic stem cell lines that can be used in federally funded research by allowing new lines to be generated from embryos that have been donated for research purposes by people using the services of in vitro fertilization clinics, while establishing important ethical protections.

[Translation: The MS Society was/is just itching to get their hands on stem cells at the cost of human life generated artificially by perverse science. They want legal free rein to be in experimentation involving stem cells taken from human embryos, which kills the embryo. Parents can donate their unwanted children to be experimented upon by perverse researchers to try to find treatments or a cure for multiple sclerosis. The end justifies the means, no matter how corrupt. The MS Society recognizes that many MS sufferers and supporters have moral objections to embryonic stem cell research because it kills a human being for the sake of harvesting its stem cells. Therefore the MS society promises to establish “important ethical protections.” One is drawn to point out that any pretext [of] ethical protections are not extended to the embryonic child.]

Research on all types of stem cells is critical because we have no way of knowing which type of stem cells have [sic] the most value in MS research.

[Translation: The MS Society holds a very narrow definition of moral responsibility to the greater common good. Their only concern is multiple sclerosis. Any previous moral consensus, such as the Nuremberg Code, does not concern them.]

It pains me to publish this on my blog. After all, I have MS. But I would have to refuse any stem cell therapy developed involving embryonic sources. After more than 26 years with this progressive disability, I know what discrimination and exclusion is like. Why would I accept any treatment based upon the belief that other human life is of less value—so much less value that it is expendable?!

Any person who is truly committed to the universality of universal human rights must demand that rights of every human being be respected and protected. True universal human rights begin when human life begins. And the first and highest human right is the right to life. I have said this before: If the right to life is not guaranteed for everyone, then all other rights become arbitrary and uncertain.

The MS Society in America and Canada are wrong to support embryonic stem cell research. Many therapies and treatments for numerous conditions and diseases have been developed using non-embryonic stem cells; no therapies have been developed using embryonic stem cells. None!

From a purely pragmatic perspective, limited research money should be directed where the most promise lies—not the least promise!

Shame on the MS Society. They are prepared to violate proper morality and prudent use of research money.

Reprinted with permission. About the author: In 1984, at age 30, Mark Pickup was diagnosed with aggressive multiple sclerosis; he is now triplegic. Mark has spoken throughout the U.S. and Canada to promote the sanctity of life and the dignity of all human beings, and is also a widely published writer on bioethical and Christian matters. His wife, LaRee, is the provincial director of the Alberta Pro-Life Association. Mark and LaRee have developed a gripping presentation chronicling their personal experiences titled “The Search for Meaning in Suffering: A Christian Perspective,” a three-part seminar suitable for retreats and conferences. To book them as speakers, call 780-929-9230 or e-mail "> // . Read all of Mark’s blogs at and