Separating Birth Control From Abortion

The Virginia House of Delegates has been debating a bill that would define abortion as an act that kills a human being, an act that can occur from fertilization until birth.  Abortion proponents became so concerned about this that they have clamored for legislation that they argue is needed to "shield birth control from state laws and regulations governing abortion."

In other words, they realize that when the pill, or other birth control agent, acts to prevent the embryonic child from implantating in the womb, that action is abortion. But they want to keep the public in an ongoing state of ignorance and thus want such early abortion-causing agents protected by bogus pieces of legislation.

Relying on the FDA's fabricated definition of pregnacy, pro-abortion supporters have been lying to women for years. Now they are in a frenzy (which is not actually that bad a thing).

Let's face it; the truth is beginning to gnaw away at their hardened hearts, which makes me think that sooner or later their house of cards will collapse … completely.