Schiavo’s family speaks out as anniversary approaches

Anticipating the March 28 release of their book A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo, Terri’s family separates fact from fiction in an exclusive interview with Anita Crane, editor of Celebrate Life magazine by American Life League.

“At last Robert, Mary and Bobby Schindler reveal their thoughts and feelings about Michael Schiavo’s political agenda, his second marriage and how mainstream media portrayed Terri’s life and death,” said Crane. “However, their story is hardly a downer. Despite the Schindlers’ unthinkable suffering, they will inspire people with their candor, faith and work to save other vulnerable disabled persons.”

“We came from generations in the Catholic tradition,” said Robert Schindler, Terri’s father. “Despite the role of some Church leaders who tested our faith, ultimately the terrible ordeal of Terri’s suffering and death made our faith stronger.”

The book “is the story of a family who fought-like any family would-to keep our daughter alive,” Terri’s mother Mary told Crane. “The most important thing I can say is this; you shouldn’t starve someone to death. It’s the most horrific, unbelievable thing you could see.”

“You asked about Michael Schiavo and if he’s going to do everything to kill, then I want to do the opposite,” said Terri’s brother, Bobby.

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Release issued: 24 Mar 06