Say It Ain’t So!

South Dakota lawmakers, at least a couple of them, must be suffering from severe disorientation as they reflect on post election results.

News reports tell the story. Here is one excerpt:


State Sen. Bill Napoli, R-Rapid City, said recent polls indicated South Dakotans would have approved a ban with exceptions. That means voters want to end "abortion on demand," he said.

"Last night, we settled the issue that the people of South Dakota want rape, incest and health of the mother exceptions," he said Wednesday. "We should move ahead; that appears that's what the polls say we should do."


So South Dakota's lawmakers, at least some of them, are not only convinced that murder is acceptable if the polls say some acts should be allowed; they are also of a mind to "end" abortion by permitting it in some cases. Not only is such thinking screwed up and slightly off kilter, it is deadly for the babies.

When polling data teach leaders to sell out instead of teaching them what they need to do to change minds and hearts, the babies always lose. They've been losing for 33 years, and apparently that trend is just fine with many "pro-life" types.

You know, I think the term "pro-life" is hollow, meaningless and should be trashed. I surely don't want to be numbered in a group that thinks like Napoli. Let's redefine the solidly principled and get on with it.