Salivating at the Gates of Hell

Salivating at the Gates of Hell

Hearkening back a couple of days to my horror at the news that sex educators are now using kids as young as 11 to collaborate in demonstrations of birth control objects like the condom, I have to wonder where our world is headed.

selfNot long after Stop Planned Parenthood International’s Rita Diller brought the sordid news mentioned above to my attention, I read a commentary by Michelle Malkin entitled “One Nation under Godlessness.” She told the story of an exemplary high school student who put his faith into action at a public high school and prayed with others during a free period. After three years of peacefully praying, with no complaints, this boy suddenly felt the wrath of the administration who called him to task for his actions. This truly sent chills down my spine. It is, as Malkin points out, “quite clear that the problem is not that there’s too much God in students’ lives. The problem is that there isn’t nearly enough of Him.”

And that is, in the proverbial nutshell, where we are at this moment in the history of our society. The grounding in faith in God that everyone presumed was being instilled in children at a very young age is, in fact, no longer even a thought in the heads of most modern parents.

Selfies have replaced scoldings.

Paychecks have replaced unquantifiable closeness between parent and child.

Possessions have become such an obsession for many that even a child or two are viewed as trophies instead of human beings who require constant nurturing.

As parents have departed their traditional roles as caregivers and role models, teachers are expected to take their place in the classroom. And that doesn’t rankle the feathers of folks like Obama devotee Roland Martin who opine, “How in the world do we say it’s OK for schools to teach our children about math, science, history, and numerous other subjects, yet then get high and mighty with righteous indignation when biology is taken a step further to focus on sex? Too many parents live in denial about their children having sex, and somehow saying you’ll handle the tough stuff is living in fantasy land.”

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Really? Well, truth be told, that fantasy land is a jungle where the strong not only eat the weak, but devour their souls in the process.

If you think I am exaggerating, read these profound examples offered by Planned Parenthood analyst, Rita Diller:

1) Abstinence programs are being hijacked and used as traps by Planned Parenthood and other sex industry stakeholders. Programs that are not abstinence programs are pushed through as abstinence programs. Programs that started out as abstinence programs get hijacked and become, even if gradually, birth control and sex programs.

2) In Houston, Texas, where middle schoolers are being targeted with Planned Parenthood’s “It’s Your Game; Keep it Real” repugnant sex education curriculum, a middle school teacher has done the unthinkable. She kept a middle school boy after class and forced a lap dance upon him. This really should not come as a great surprise to those of us who realize what a sick culture of sex surrounds these children where Planned Parenthood sex programs are implemented.

3) In reference to Planned Parenthood’s Sex(Ed): The Movie, Diller says, “Since Planned Parenthood regularly promotes itself with lies and obfuscation, it comes as no surprise that it continues to fabricate over-the-top claims. The latest whopper tied to Planned Parenthood regarding so-called comprehensive sex education is one that shatters the Pinocchio meter.”

Getting the picture?

It is true that the emperor of hell, Satan himself, has many minions, but the sad reality is that, for the most part, our fellow citizens cannot recognize his evil when they see it, when they hear about it, or even when they are in the midst of experiencing it.

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Do people even know they are salivating at the gates of hell? Do they care?

How many souls are at risk today?

What will you do about it?

You can start by helping us stop Planned Parenthood. You can pray for America’s children and their parents.

For the love of God, do something!