Safe death assured by Planned Parenthood

Lest you think that words are not being manipulated during this Holy Week, I call your attention to one of the most evil, and totally erroneous statements I have seen. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s web site, in presenting RU-486 (mifepristone) to the unsuspecting, potentially paying client, states: “Since its approval in France in 1988, mifepristone has proven to be a safe, effective, acceptable option for women seeking abortion during the first several weeks of pregnancy.”

Let’s see what they are really saying, shall we?

The “women” are mothers.

The “safe” aspect would be challenged by the thousands of mothers who realized too late that the pills they ingested actually killed a baby. Further, the parents of the more than nine women who died using the drug might beg to differ as swell. Ask Holly Patterson’s dad!

The “effective” aspect is death for a member of the human family who happens to be a preborn child.

The “acceptable” aspect of the drug is based on the assumption that if they tell enough half-truths to the expectant moms, the moms’ ignorance will assure a good result for Planned Parenthood: a dead child.

Seems to me that the devil couldn’t have done a better job with this text.