Rock for Life to travel on pro-life music tour

American Life League’s Rock for Life, the nation’s premiere pro-life youth organization, kicks off its summer concert tour today. The tour will include stops in 15 states across the country. “We are excited to get this tour on the road so that we can spread a message of hope and encouragement about the pro-life movement,” said Erik Whittington, director of Rock for Life. “This year’s trek will be our most ambitious yet as our crew will travel more than 20,000 miles across the United States, spreading the truth about abortion.”

The annual summer tour consists of numerous concerts and festivals nationwide in which Rock for Life chapters both host and participate. The concerts feature artists who play varied styles of music, but who are all united in the same mission. “Rock for Life concerts are powerful ministry events that combine popular music with a strong pro-life message,” said Whittington. “Young people are drawn to the truth and these concerts provide that in abundance.”

A highlight of the summer tour is a one week stop in South Dakota in July. “South Dakota has been the activity hub of the pro-life movement this year with the passage of its ground-breaking law that bans surgical abortions,” said Whittington. “American Life League has been actively involved in that fight and Rock for Life is eager to spend an entire week during the tour to help further the efforts in South Dakota.”

In all, the group will attend 18 festivals from June to August, including events in New York, Minnesota, Washington, and California. The final stop will be at the LifeLight Music Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on September 1. “These concerts and festivals are not only enjoyable for music lovers, but they also educate and activate young people in the pro-life movement to make a difference for life,” said Whittington.

Release issued: 14 Jun 06