Right to Life Act critical for new Congress

"While the Right to Life Act failed to generate sufficient interest to schedule hearings in the House of Representatives, we will persist in our efforts to focus Congressional attention on this groundbreaking piece of legislation," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "We are truly grateful to the one hundred courageous men and women who co-sponsored this bill during this past session and anticipate continued support from both new and returning members of Congress in 2007. The bill would protect every human person ? born and preborn ? from his beginning."

The Right to Life Act, as introduced in 2005 by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), would have established "equal protection under the 14th article of the Constitution for the right to live of each born and preborn human person." According to Brown, establishing personhood for the preborn baby is the only way to effectively end the abortion epidemic in this country.

"The Right to Life Act is the most important piece of pro-life legislation Congress could enact. In an instant it could restore personhood to the preborn child and bring an end to abortion on demand in this country," said Brown. "The men and women who supported this piece of legislation truly understand that personhood is at the crux of the abortion battle."

One hundred congressmen and women signed on to co-sponsor the Right to Life Act, including both Democrats and Republicans. "The bipartisan support for this bill is indicative of the fact that it is time for abortion to end in this country now," said Brown. "Unfortunately, the pro-life movement has been attempting to merely chip away at abortion for almost 34 years. Now is the time for a dramatic change."

Brown says the greatest strength of the Right to Life Act is that it is built on solid pro-life principles; it contains no exceptions. "Pro-lifers, and especially pro-life leaders, need to put enormous efforts into this bill in 2007 to ensure protection for the most vulnerable of all human beings ? the preborn child in the womb."

Release issued: 11 Dec 06