Ridiculous Rambling

Let's see what the culture of death is up to today, shall we? First of all, there is news from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (more like Religious Coalition for Abortion) aboutt their amicus brief arguing against the partial-birth abortion law because, they claim, if the law is upheld by the U. S. Supreme Court, the core religious value of protecting the right to abortion for women whose health is at risk will be violated.

In other words, agreeing to have your baby killed when his body is 90 percent deliviered is a religious value.

Second, we have news from Tennessee's Planned Parenthood that Congressman Lincoln Davis' proposed bill to cut down on abortion relies too heavily on abstinence. Yes, you heard it right. 

Planned Parenthood wants to see a bill that relies heavily on birth control; forget the abstinence. After all, Planned Parenthood cannot make a thin dime if America's single people practice chastity.

If you see a problem with the "values" embraced by these architects of the culture of death, then you have begun to understand why America is steeped in a cultural morass. Let us hope that our nation wakes up to this reality while there is still time to act in defense of truth.