Richards Leaves While Three PP Affiliates Sue DHHS

May 4, 2018 09:00 AM

Earlier this year, Cecile Richards announced that she would be leaving her posts as president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in May 2018. This week Richards left Planned Parenthood—a day early. On Monday, April 30, Richards announced that was her last day and said her farewells.

We wondered what the hurry was. A few days later we received word from a usually reliable source that the United States Justice Department was ready to hand down indictments against Planned Parenthood for its role in selling baby body parts. We’ll wait to see how all this works out over the next several weeks, but whatever the reason for her early departure, Richards leaves after 12 years as Planned Parenthood’s president. During those dozen years, Planned Parenthood killed over four million children in its own facilities. That is 913 babies a day, every day, for 12 long years. During that same time, Planned Parenthood closed 275 of its centers, despite the fact that Richards’ favorite battle cry was “These doors will remain open.”

Planned Parenthood has not yet named a new president. The current spokesperson for Planned Parenthood is Dawn Laguens and you can read her profile here.

In another story this week about the nation’s largest abortion chain, we are reminded that Planned Parenthood does not like chastity and would rather sell women harmful contraceptive devices than teach them the highly effective modern day methods of natural fertility regulation. In pursuing that goal, three Planned Parenthood affiliates (PP Wisconsin, PP Greater Ohio, and PP Utah) have filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services regarding Title X funding. The lawsuit claims that the DHHS changed the criteria for awarding Title X grants and that “those ‘application review criteria’ now give the most weight to new ‘program priorities’ and ‘key issues,’ such as placing ‘meaningful emphasis’ on abstinence as an approach to birth control (even for adults), providing onsite primary care, and cooperating with faith-based organizations. Rather than focusing on acceptable and effective family planning methods, the new FOA omits entirely any reference to contraception or to HHS’s own previously published standards for evidence-based family planning care.”

It would seem these Planned Parenthood affiliates are really concerned that the new DHHS review criteria will hurt their profits from “contraceptive” sales. It is wise to remember that all of the modern so-called contraceptives (except pure barrier methods) work some or most of the time by preventing implantation of an already created human being. In other words, they kill a child in the womb.

Another of PP's major objections of this new criteria is that the new review criteria will give preference to locations and organizations that offer primary care to women in addition to just reproductive oriented services. Since the overwhelming majority of PP locations do not offer primary care, PP fears it will lose customers to more encompassing providers.



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