Revelers, please reverse!

The headline said, "Pro Life Groups Praise John Roberts…" and I nearly gagged. Why is any pro-life group praising Roberts? Because George W. Bush promised he'd be a good Supreme Court justice? Come on, guys, pay attention!

Roberts told the Senate Judiciary Committee he understood the Griswold v. Connecticut case and accepted the definition of a "right to privacy." That paved the way for unabated abortion on demand, folks. Where's your head?

Cathy Cleaver Ruse called Roberts "masterful!" Right, mastefully vague.

CWA's Jan LaRue talked about Roberts' deference to the text of the Constitution. I would disagree, you see, because the "right to privacy" dealing with sex was an "emanation" from a "penumbra" and has nothing to do with anything the Constitution ever said about sex.

I could go on, but why bother? I think we need to be prudent. We need to hold our horses; corral our enthusiasm, withhold our kudos and wait. A man who agrees, as a Catholic, with John F. Kennedy's promise to place his Catholic identity in his hip pocket is a man that surely – at least at this point – deserves our prayers, period.

After he actually renders an opinion, then perhaps we can cheer. Until then, hang loose.