Respect For The Human Person Begins With You

I am often asked what I think the root cause of abortion in our nation really is, and I always respond that it is contraception. The practice of contraception is, at its root, a denial of God — a self-centered personal interest in sex without consequences.

I was reaffirmed once again today when I read the countless headlines about Brazil's Catholic "supermodel" Gisele who has come out swinging at the Catholic Church, telling the media that  "today no one is a virgin when they get married."

She went on to tell anyone who would listen that she thinks it should be compulsory to use contraception. This from a woman who wears next to nothing and gets paid enormous sums of money to "model" whatever it is that can fit on less than 50% of her body. Not only that, but according to ABC News, "Gisele is idolized by many young women in Brazil, the world's largest Roman Catholic country, where debate over sexual issues intensified around a visit by Pope Benedict last month."

Now, why am I not shocked? Gisele is also, as you may know, one of the Victoria's Secret models.  

Even if she claims to be Catholic, there is a fundamental problem with someone who has failed to understand the definition of "modesty" not to mention "self-restraint," using a soap box willingly provided by the media to discredit Catholic teaching.

The thousands of Catholic parents in our world who raise their children to be representatives of Christ by imitating His invitation to virtue will never make the news with such a splash. But give a scantily-clad "supermodel" an opportunity, and she will do all she can to discredit God's gift of personhood.

If only the average person would wake up and see that until there is virtue where once there was vice, abortion will never disappear. Why is that such a hard concept to understand? Gisele, are you listening?