Religious embryos

It is certainly not uncommon to pick up a newspaper and read an article that suggests that the biological fact that a human being begins at his beginning is somehow a religious tenet instead of a basic scientific reality.

So it should not have shocked me when USA Today told its readers that Ingrid Janssono, who has eight embryonic children in cold storage at a fertility clinic, "is not religious [and] wants to donate her embryos for research."

She went on to say that she could not give them to an infertile couple because it "would be like giving away my own child, my own DNA."

WHAT??? Does she not realize that each of those eight individuals has their own DNA? Good grief; God help her and let us pray for her because not only is this poor woman misinformed, but nobody is helping her see the facts.

When a human being is relegated to the status of a religious belief, there is something amiss in America's gray matter. When are those with the knowledge and the courage going to step up to the plate and expose this cruel practice for the deceptive horror that it is?

Again, I say … ban IVF!