Recreational Roulette

The headlines are frequently a source of great concern. The most recent is from the News Observer and reads: Glitch raises cost of the pill.

It seems that the price of the birth control pill on college campuses has escalated at an alarming rate. Where at one time the pill was doled out to coeds at much less than others might pay, the same doses are now costing as much as 50 percent more than they used to.

Not only that, but it seems that the Congress is to blame for this harrowing problem that is creating havoc in the lives of young women and their boyfriends. Of course we should make it clear that these pills are not being used to treat an illness of some sort, at least not a physical one. They are recreational drugs, pure and simple.

It seems that when the U.S. Congress passed the 2005 deficit-reduction bill, the once-discounted pills went back to their original price. This, to my mind, is not only justified but the larger question should be: Why such drugs were ever discounted in the first place?

Let’s face it: The birth control pill does not treat a tragic illness nor does it relieve allergies or other symptoms a college student might experiences as the result of a cold or the flu. No, the birth control pill is used to prevent the possibility of a child being conceived. The pill provides an escape hatch for the male and female who want to engage in sex and do not want to accept responsibility for their actions.

And as usual, Planned Parenthood is already at work on Capitol Hill to get this problem rectified, get the discount restored and thus make their potential clients happy once more. After all, Planned Parenthood stands to lose big bucks if this discount is not put back in place. Let’s not forget that when the birth control pill fails Planned Parenthood is at the ready to provide abortion services. Also, Planned Parenthood is counting on treating all those young women who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases because their birth control pills will not protect them from those!

Planned Parenthood is all ready to play Recreational Roulette with the lives of their patients, and they want to assure those discounts are back in place sooner than later.

They are supporting a bill that would reverse the congressional action of 2005 and the sad fact is that groups like the National Right to Life Committee are doing nothing about it. I find that a serious problem since we know that the pill can abort a child during his first week of life, and therefore it would seem that all pro-life groups would be opposing the pill in any and every way possible.

It is truly a sad commentary on the times when issues like these are viewed as problems for other people to solve rather than those charged with defending the innocent from death by abortion.

Perhaps you want to know more about this proposed legislation so that you can take action on it as any red-blooded American should. If so, check out S. 2347, the Prevention through Affordable Access Act. “Prevention” of course refers to the preborn child. “Affordable Access” refers to the pills that potentially cause abortions.