6.3 million and one reasons to defund Planned Parenthood

November 19, 2014 09:00 AM

By Rob Gasper

According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report, it received 540.6 million in funding from the federal government. Each of those dollars was taken from the back pocket of a US taxpayer, so in effect the American people subsidize Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has committed 6.3 million abortions in total as of 2012. In a sane world, 6.3 million innocent human lives snuffed out would be ample reason for the government to end all funding to the nation’s leading committer of abortion. However, Planned Parenthood is a maestro at orchestrating the cabal of confusion known as the mainstream media. Lies like “only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s ‘services’ are abortions,” and “the Hyde amendment does not allow for the funding of abortions” are waved at us like some sinister Jedi mind trick.

Each of those claims is demonstrably false or misleading.

But, let’s grant Planned Parenthood the lies for the sake of argument and look at reason 6.3 million and one why it should be defunded. In addition to the loss of lives it has caused, Planned Parenthood sexually abuses children with pornography passed off as educational material.

If you can stomach visual proof, watch American Life League’s ALL Report entitled “Hooking Kids on Sex II.” Also of note is the curriculum “Pono Choices” that Planned Parenthood peddled in Hawaii. More recently, two Planned Parenthood-related sex education programs were exposed in the media. The first, reported on by KOIN—a CBS affiliate in Oregon—exposed the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference and its pornographic sex education forced on area children. American Life League’s Rita Diller attended the conference last year under cover and reported on it extensively. And it’s no surprise to find that Planned Parenthood is on the steering committee of this conference. Second, on Monday, LifeSiteNews and other outlets reported on a sex education curriculum in Chicago that teaches anal sex to 5th graders. This presentation focused on female condoms and how to employ their use in anal sex. A coalition called “The Female Condom Campaign” created the presentation, and guess who is a lead organization in that coalition? Planned Parenthood.

So, Planned Parenthood not only kills babies, it sexually abuses the minds of our nation’s youth. That’s 6.3 million and one reasons to defund the disgusting organization. Do we really need any more?

Rob Gasper is a senior research analyst for American Life League and is the editor of ALL News.

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