Quintuplets All Spared

It is always a blessing to read good news, particularly so close to a holiday where we traditionally praise God in thanks for all that He has done for us.

So I am eager to share with you the story of a Russian mother who escaped aborting some of her babies by going to London to deliver them — all five of them.

And, believe it or not, doctors report that all five babies are doing very well.

But of course the news coverage has to make the point that giving birth to five can  be dangerous and, "historically it has been rare that all five children survive."  In case you wonder why, one of the reasons is that frequently doctors convince expectant parents that the only way for even one baby to survive is to submit the others to "selective termination" early in the pregnancy.  That is what was suggested for the Russian couple as well.

But the death peddlers did not succeed.  A Russian charity reached out to this couple and helped them get to London where they had the babies.

Today, thankfully, there is a mother and a father with five little ones who are no longer in intensive care, and who will, please God, go home within the coming four or five months. 

What a wonderful Thanksgiving they will have.  Of that I am certain.