Putting the noose on Planned Parenthood

Recently American Life League's STOPP International reported on a 40-year-old woman who is suing Planned Parenthood in Nebraska for malpractice.

This is precisely the kind of action that I wish were happening in every state where these purveyors of death operate their chambers of horror.

In this woman's case, "Jane Roe" is alleging that the Planned Parenthood abortionist botched the abortion so badly that she lost 80 percent of her blood and an emergency hysterectomy had to be performed to save her life.

While it is indeed tragic that this mother made an appointment to have her baby killed, it is also an abomination that those paid to do the killing have so little regard for both patients. They are in the business of slaughtering the younger and ignoring their own obligations to the older of the two patients. How much worse can it get?

It would be my prayer that every mother, scarred by the killing of her child, would seek redress from those in positions to know better who ply their trade at the expense of health, well being and loss of life.

Abortion is a grisly business; Planned Parenthood needs to be shut down.