Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers: Caring for Mothers and Their Preborn Babies

Let’s Cut the Cr*p about ‘Assisted Dying.’ It’s NOT about Pain.

By Michael Cook The Sunday Times, the leading newspaper in the UK, has launched a campaign to end the ban on assisted suicide. It has thrown its weight behind a private member’s bill in the House of Lords introduced by Baroness Meacher, who is also the chair of Dignity in Dying. At the top of […]

Mississippi Mess Up

By Judie Brown The Mississippi law that the Supreme Court has recently chosen to hear is called the Gestational Age Act. This law purports to “prohibit abortions after 15 weeks’ gestation.” In other words, all preborn children who are younger than 15 weeks gestational age will not be protected by this law. Additionally, since gestation […]

New Children’s Book a Scientifically Accurate Celebration of Human Beings!

Like so many moms, Brooke Stanton and Christiane West—coauthors of When You Became You and both mothers of four—struck up a friendship because their children attended the same elementary school in Northern Virginia. That friendship progressed quickly from chats about kids and school to heavier topics. Early foundations In 2014, two years after the women […]

Pro-Life This Week – May 21, 2021

Week in Review – 21 state attorneys general oppose proposed Title X rules       In last week’s Action Item, we asked you to make an official comment on the Biden administration’s efforts to do away with the pro-life Title X Protect Life Rule and use Title X to fund abortionists. The comment period ended this past […]

Grandparents’ Alert! The Cancel Culture Wants You

By Judie Brown(Part 9 in our Cancel Culture series) No, aging community, the cancel culture does not want to enlist your wisdom and guidance; it wants you to die and get out of the way! Why? Because the cancel culture is all about ostracism, banishment, and exclusion. This attitude takes many forms, in both word […]

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit against Lubbock, Texas

By Jim Sedlak Well, it did not take long for Planned Parenthood to run to the courts to try to block the will of the citizens of Lubbock, Texas. It was less than a month ago that residents of Lubbock went to the voting booth and passed a local ordinance barring anyone from committing abortion […]