Psychologist needs help!

Professor David Barash, writing on the subject of human embryos, startled this woman by writing that "there is no moment of conception." He begins his argument in favor on his position by going through every single cellular move the human sperm and the human egg make as conception is taking place, and yes, it takes milliseconds.

But he does not seem to understand that if conception does not occur, there is no human being and thus no soul. But he doesn't want his reader to figure that out, and so he jumps from the single cell human embryo to talking about directing cell functions, and further growth beyond the single cell human being.

But there is a method to his madness. For he finally sets forth his real problem with human beings and who they are, when he writes of the two cell human embryo, "no neurons, certainly no brain."

Gotcha, Professor. You are just another one of those people like Professor Peter Singer who wants everyone to think that if a human being either has no detectable brain or is allegedly brain dead, then no human being capable of self awareness is present, thus no human being at all.

We call that twisted thinking. Aren't we glad God is the Grand Designer, and not nutty professors.

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