Prayers after Mass

The Catholic Church has a long history of offering prayers after Mass for specific intentions in times of crises. It doesn’t take long for anyone to realize that the crisis of the family in today’s society touches all of us. This is why we are asking the faithful to recite the following prayers at the end of each Mass for the protection of the family and for the conversion of your own country from the ideologies of Planned Parenthood to the word of God: the Hail Mary (three times); the Hail Holy Queen; the Prayer to St. Michael; and the phrase “Most Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on us” (three times). You can download and print our official prayer card here.


These prayers can be recited immediately after Mass ends, while remaining in a kneeling position in the pew. Taking less than three minutes, these prayers can be said alone, with your family, or with a group.

While no one requires any permission to pray quietly after Mass, we do recommend that you talk with your pastor about this effort. Let him know about the Defend the Family campaign and tell him why you would like to participate. He may be willing to join you or even lead the prayers after Mass.