Culture of Life Studies Program

The Team

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program production and development team is comprised of teachers, pro-life leaders, high school administrators, and graphic designers. Our mission is to stress the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline and to help students become effective communicators of the gospel of life.
Throughout the writing and development process, the supplement production and development team relies on content experts—embryologists, lawyers, doctors, university professors, historians, artists, and theologians—who are notable researchers in their field. Each supplement is carefully crafted to be accurate, effective, and engaging in order to educate the next generation of pro-life leaders and communicators.

The Program

With our culture waging open war against marriage, the family, the innocent preborn, and the disabled, there has never been more need for an educational program that teaches students the truth about the value of all human life, the sacredness of the sacrament of marriage, and the necessity of the family as the building block of society. American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program actively combats the culture of death by helping students to understand the value of all human life and by inspiring a new generation of young people who will defend preborn children, respect all human life from creation to death, and speak the truth with confidence in defense of the innocent.

What Makes Our Program Unique

Unlike other pro-life educational initiatives that focus on adult education, CLSP targets children and teenagers to instill in them the values of the gospel of life at an early age. CLSP educational supplements support a traditional high school or grade school curriculum by guiding students through the same subjects from a pro-life perspective. Our supplements are versatile enough to complement any already existing curriculum in private schools, homeschools, CCD programs, or youth ministry.

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