Pro-lifers remember abortion’s victims

Today, as the United States Supreme Court ushers in its new session, pro-lifers across the nation will take time to remember the victims of abortion by participating in American Life League's Pro-life Memorial Day. "As activists for life gather on the steps of the Supreme Court this evening, the silent victims of abortion will be given their due respect," said Erik Whittington, director of youth outreach for American Life League.

Tonight's candlelight vigil at 7:30 pm on the steps of the Supreme Court building is just one of numerous events being held across the country in association with ALL's second annual Pro-life Memorial Day. Along with the participants in our nation's capital, groups in South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida will be holding similar events. "ALL's Pro-life Memorial Day serves as an opportunity for individuals to publicly express their support for the protection of every human being's life creation to death," said Whittington. "It is our responsibility to give a voice to the voiceless through prayer and peaceful activism."

American Life League is circulating a petition urging President Bush to designate the first Monday of every October as Pro-life Memorial Day. The petition is available online. "While members of the Supreme Court comfortably take their seats on the bench for another year, we urge them to strongly reconsider the decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton that gave women the so-called right to kill their preborn children," said Whittington. "The court should never sanction murder in any form, yet it has done so with Roe and Doe. It is time to overturn those decisions that have allowed for the killing of over 47 million preborn children in the past 33 years. It is time for there to be justice for all ? born and preborn."

Release issued: 1 Oct 06