Pro-lifers must practice what they preach

"Anyone who calls himself pro-life but does not approve of the new South Dakota law does not deserve to be thought of as pro-life," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "The idea that the time isn't right to stop the senseless murder of preborn children is simply inane. True pro-lifers should simply abandon any person, group or political leader that takes such a stance on this important legislation.

"Let's be totally honest here," said Mrs. Brown. "President Bush's press secretary was asked about the president's position on the South Dakota law. Scott McClellan dodged the question, saying this was a state issue, and also noting that Bush, despite his 'pro-life' label, supports abortion in cases of rape, incest or perceived threat to the mother's life. McClellan would not answer the simple question, 'Does Bush support the law?' This is ridiculous!"

Legislators in South Dakota "passed one of the most pro-life laws this nation has ever seen," said Mrs. Brown. "It outlaws all medical and surgical abortions without exception; every abortion kills. And so-called pro-lifers are trying to decide if this is the right time to act?" She noted that more than 3,000 innocent babies are dying every day in this country through surgical abortion alone. "How many more babies need to die before these purported pro-lifers will think the timing is right?" she asked.

"We are simply stunned at the reaction of the president's spokesman, as well as the so-called pro-life groups that have questioned the timing or content of this bill. The entire movement should support this law, as well as encouraging other states to pass identical legislation. That's what we at American Life league are going to be doing; we will work with any other pro-life group that is willing to join us in this effort.

"Let's all remember why we are in this battle; it's the babies!" Mrs. Brown said. "We have the chance to save more than 800 lives a year in South Dakota and to multiply that number by exporting this law to every other state in the nation. Let's roll!"