Pro-Life This Week – September 18, 2020

Pro-Life This Week – September 18, 2020

Week in Review – Beware of a new film released on HBO MAX this week

This week, with the release of the film, UNPREGNANT, on HBO MAX, the pro-abortion forces in the United States have become more brazen and more outspoken in their support of the killing of preborn children and the lifestyles that lead to women and young girls facing a decision whether or not to “have an abortion” (i.e., kill their child).

The film is the story of Veronica, a 17-year-old in Missouri, who finds out she is pregnant and immediately decides she wants to kill her child. In checking where she can get the abortion, she discovers that, in Missouri, her parents must give consent first. She knows that her parents would never agree to an abortion, so she looks for another place to have it done.

Her search supposedly leads her to discover that the nearest killing center that would do the abortion without telling anyone is a Planned Parenthood facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico—900 miles from where she is. She has no way of getting there, so she talks an old friend of hers into driving her to and from the abortion facility over the weekend.

Most of the film is about the trip to Albuquerque. One reviewer had this to say about the movie:“”Unpregnant” is a road trip movie with a new eccentric character (and supporting performance) waiting in every town. It’s also a warmhearted, often wacky teen comedy …” Got that? Every review that we read describes this film about a teenager trying desperately to kill her child as “a comedy.”

There is even more evidence of the attitude of today’s society as the reviewer has this to say about Veronica: “She’s done everything ‘right,’ according to her upper-middle class parents’ worldview. She gets excellent grades. Most of her major decisions were geared towards getting into a college and having a career. She is monogamous, and practices birth control with her boyfriend Kevin, a sweet but clingy and intellectually limited guy that she never had any intention of marrying or having kids with.” This is the “sex-is-for fun” culture that Planned Parenthood and its allies have been pushing for decades.

The film reaches its conclusion as Veronica and her friend get to Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque. In an interview(which called the film a “rollicking, abortion-buddy comedy”), the film’s director, Rachel Lee Goldenberg, said: “In terms of how we present abortion in the film, Veronica’s experience was such that the abortion itself was something that she was relieved to finally be able to get … I’m proud to be working on a project that will hopefully help destigmatize and normalize abortion … Everyone knows and loves someone who’s had an abortion. I’m proud to be bringing this movie to people about a topic that I think should be talked about more in the light.”

This film shows how our secular world views the preborn child. He is something to get rid of. We must always remember that the secular world is missing a major component—God.

Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee, tweeted recently to remind us of what God says about all of this . . .

How can a person say they are a faithful Catholic and yet support those who support the ultimate child abuse and human rights violation of those yet born? Slavery was legal at one time and yet now we look at it with horror. A child [not] yet born is not the property of another. 

A child not yet born is a total human person that must be protected. This nation will continue to decline if abortion continues. Those who love life will never go away and will continue to fight. The cause is just as it is the promotion of the dignity of the human person.

The film UNPREGNANT is a product of our society. Let’s resolve to join together to change that society.

ALL in the News – ALL VP Interviewed by Former Presidential Candidate

Last week, political commentator and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes interviewed American Life League vice president Hugh Brown. The interview will appear on the show “Let’s Talk America with Alan Keyes.”

Judie Brown’s weekly commentaries and press statements continue to be featured as a column on Renew America. This week’s Tuesday commentary, Speaking truth crushes evil, was featured on the site’s front page. The same commentary was also reprinted in Heartbeat International’s Pregnancy Help News

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – You Can’t Be Catholic and Pro-Democratic Party

Last week on our Friday Instagram Livestream, we discussed the parts of the 2020 Democratic platform that contradict Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human beings.

Action Item of the Week – 40 Days for Life

This coming Wednesday, 40 Days for Life will begin its Fall 2020 campaign. The campaign runs from September 23-November 1 and ends just two days before the presidential election.

For the next 40 days, thousands will unite, at over 588 locations around the world, in a focused pro-life effort to end the scourge of abortion through prayer, fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigils at abortion mills and Planned Parenthood facilities.

Since its beginning in Brazos Valley, Texas, in 2007, 40 Days has resulted in:

  • 17, 226 lives saved
  • 107 abortion centers closed
  • 206 abortion workers quitting

40 Days for Life is a peaceful, prayerful presence outside of the killing centers across the nation and around the world.

To find a location near you, go to

This is a critical time in America. We need ordinary Christians to stand up for the preborn children—every single one of them.

Pro-life Social Media – Big families, smaller carbon footprints. Children are awesome. 

Dig deep in the mind of an abortion advocate and you’ll find a disdain for children and the people who co-created them.

Generations ago, nobody batted an eye at larger families. Couples were expected to marry early and provide grandparents a legacy. Once progressivism and its climate-change activists took root, people were no longer seen as individuals, but a pathogen terrorizing the environment.

If ever there was a disease wreaking havoc on a global scale, it isn’t the China virus. It’s progressivism, along with its idea of a sterilized, utopian future where people can only reproduce under a government-issued license. 

But Twitter hit back.

When God creates an abundance of something, He does it to reveal His goodness and perfection. From Robert Bellarmine:

 “God wanted man to know him somehow through his creatures, and since no creature could fittingly reflect the infinite perfection of the Creator, he multiplied his creatures and gave a certain goodness and perfection to each of them so that from them we could judge the goodness and perfection of the Creator.”

Progressivism doesn’t look up toward the Creator; it only looks forward to a nightmare disguised as a liberal utopia.

As for the environmental impact:

Big families, smaller carbon footprints. Children are awesome.