Pro-Life This Week – August 23, 2019

Pro-Life This Week – August 23, 2019

Week in Review – The Title X axe falls. What are they doing with the bodies?

This week the axe has finally fallen on Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding. As of Monday, PP is out of the Title X $60 million money stream. But, by Wednesday, New York State announced it will give Planned Parenthood $15 million to help make up the difference. Other states, including Hawaii, Illinois, Washington state, and Vermont, are reportedly considering similar moves. Before all the counting is done, it could be that Planned Parenthood will wind up with more than $60 million in state “make up” money. Despite this, we applaud the Trump administration for shutting off a funding source Planned Parenthood has enjoyed for almost 50 years.

Planned Parenthood took another hit this week when a jury in Arizona ordered the organization to pay a former employee $3 million for “wrongfully terminating” her. The jury decided that firing the employee after she began complaining internally that Planned Parenthood Arizona had an incompetent abortionist, that the organization was not following required mandatory reporting rules, and that Planned Parenthood facilities were not operated in a safe and sanitary manner, was wrong and the former employee needed to be paid the $3 million.

There is a growing push in the United States to remove some of the restrictions on the use of medication abortions (mifepristone—the abortion pill). Former FDA officials and other medical professionals are writing articles and giving talks saying that the medication abortions should be more widespread. They are even pushing for more telemedicine abortions. What none of these calls for liberalization of the abortion pill are addressing is this: What happens to the bodies of the babies?

The fact is that the result of a medication abortion is a dead baby (usually 5 to 10 weeks old). Unlike other abortions, these dead babies leave the mother’s body in places other than a hospital, a clinic, or medical office. The regimen calls for women to take one pill at a medical facility to kill the baby. Then they take the second pill one to two days later—presumably at home or some other non-medical location. So what do the mothers do with the bodies of these dead babies? The usual answer we get to the question is that they flush them down the toilet. But what then?

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Recently a STOPP researcher went to her local water treatment plant and asked for a tour of the facility. During the tour, she asked her guide: What do you do with the babies? The guide knew she was talking about the bodies of babies flushed down the toilet who would travel through the sewer system and wind up at the treatment plant. He said, the bodies get caught by the screening system in the plant and are taken, along with other debris, and dumped in a local landfill. 

Medication abortions are becoming the largest method of abortion in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted at home every year. It appears that most of their bodies wind up at the sewer plant and treated as just some kind of debris. Most states have laws governing the disposal of fetal remains, but we have not, yet, found any medication abortion provider that tells the women that they are expected to follow those laws to dispose of their baby’s body.

Whenever you hear anyone talking about medication abortion and how it is growing in use and should be made more available, ask the question: What are they doing with the bodies? When you get a blank stare, ask again: What are they doing with the bodies?

We try to stop as many abortions as possible, but when one does happen, we should know the answer to the question: What are they doing with the bodies?

ALL in the News – CNN publishes false article, Judie Brown calls them out

This week, American Life League was cited for abortion statistics in an article from The Wanderer Press. The article, A Leaven In The World… Thou Shalt Not Kill, discusses the root cause of America’s mass shootings. 

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CNN recently mentioned American Life League in an article entitled “Planned Parenthood forced to make an impossible choice.” In this article, the author makes several false claims regarding birth control. This prompted Judie Brown to release a statement calling out CNN on their fake news. 

An older ALL video on Margaret Sanger resurfaced this week. The video was used in an article on the history of eugenics and can be found here.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network.  The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM). 

Video of the Week – Pro-Life Unity and the Need for Humility

Jim Sedlak speaks with Mark Cavaliere, Southwest Coalition for Life, on the need for the pro-life movement to adopt a culture of humility.

Action Item of the Week – Praise and Prayer Support for our youth

Summer vacation is over and many of our nation’s youth have either just finished pro-life training or are winding up summer pro-life activities.

Expectant Mother Care is winding down the most extensive pro-life summer internship program in the country. Its Pro-Life Internship in New York City “involves up to 44 hours of work a week working in a variety of counseling settings in our pregnancy care centers, outdoor sidewalk counseling at abortion mills, escorting expectant mothers to appointments, pro-life/pro-abstinence literature distribution, and organizing pro-life special events. We will tailor the work to the individual talents of each person and to our needs each week.”

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Crossroads’ Pro-life walks across America wound up their Central and Southern walks in Washington, DC, on Saturday August 10. The walks began in San Francisco and Los Angeles and met for the first time in DC.

Life Runners wound up their four relay runs in Kansas City on August 10 and 11. The relays began from the Brooklyn Bridge NY; from Golden Gate Bridge CA; from San Antonio TX; and from Grand Forks ND.  The four arms united for Finish Line celebration events August 10-11 in Kansas City, KS.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust’s 22ndAnnual Pro-Life Bootcamp finished in DC on July 26. ALL’s executive director was honored to be one of the presenters at this camp.

The Catholic Pro-Life Community of Dallas’ Pro-Life Bootcamp completed its activities on July 30.

Mary’s Pro-Life Bootcamp in Melbourne, KY, finished on July 21.

The Diocese of Fall River ’s Pro-Life Bootcamp completed on July 28.

These are just a few of the many youth-oriented pro-life activities that take place every summer.

WE ASK YOUR PRAYERS this week for all the young people who participated in the walks and runs and for all who took part in the bootcamps. They will need your prayers as they continue to stand up for the lives of preborn children.

Also, please pray for the organizations that run these summer events that God will guide them and give them the strength to continue their missions amongst great opposition.

Pro-life Social Media – Proud Mom Shares Viral Post of the Son She Almost Aborted

Caitlyn Dixson used to be a mother in crisis. A pregnancy at 16 left her feeling helpless. She went to Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion—until the ultrasound revealed the human child in her womb.

That was over five years ago. This week, she posted to her Facebook page the joy of celebrating her son’s fifth birthday.