Pro-Life This Week – May 15, 2020

Pro-Life This Week – May 15, 2020

Week in Review – The fight for life ranges from courtrooms to game shows to the streets 

The pro-life Center for Medical Progress filed a lawsuit this week against XAVIER BECERRA in his official capacity as attorney general of California; PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA; PLANNED PARENTHOOD AFFILIATES OF CALIFORNIA; NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION; STEMEXPRESS; KAMALA HARRIS, an individual (Harris was California’s attorney general who initiated investigations of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. She is now a United States senator); and 14 other individuals. The lawsuit “seeks justice for a brazen, unprecedented, and ongoing conspiracy to selectively use California’s video recording laws as a political weapon to silence disfavored speech. David Daleiden became the first journalist ever to be criminally prosecuted under California’s recording law, not because of the method of video recording he utilized in his investigation—which is common in investigative journalism in this state—but because his investigation revealed and he published ‘shock[ing]’ content that California’s Attorney General and the private party coconspirators wanted to cover up. Defendants seek their ‘pound of flesh’ from Mr. Daleiden and to chill other journalists from investigating and reporting on that same content.” We will bring you updates as this case progress.

This week, Bradley Mattes at Life Issues Institute wrote an article about “Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing (PCV). PCV is a new ploy of the abortion industry to allow women to see the remains of their first trimester abortion. As Brad points out, “Most abortions are done within the first trimester of pregnancy using suction curettage which is many times stronger than a home vacuum cleaner. Just as an apple dropped into a blender doesn’t resemble an apple, a baby aborted by such powerful suction doesn’t look much like a baby in the pulverized aftermath.” The intent of PCV appears to be to discredit preborn baby images used with great effect by pro-lifers.

Early this week, a special nighttime episode of The Price is Right was a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood! The show donated a total of $97,266 to the nation’s largest abortion chain. More information about the show, along with a list of all the products featured on the show and all the advertisers for that show will be printed in next week’s Wednesday STOPP Report. You can be sure to get that information by subscribing at no cost here.  

A new 1,815-page, $3 trillion, coronavirus bill was unveiled in Congress this week. As we are writing this, there is a plan for it to be considered in the House today, May 15. The huge spending bill is called the HEROES act. There are published reports that “A common criticism of the HEROES Act by Republicans is that many of its items are not directly related to coronavirus relief, like funding for Planned Parenthood and the United States Postal Service.”

Planned Parenthood opened a new abortion facility in Illinois this week. According to a press release by Planned Parenthood of Illinois, it is its first facility in Lake County. The Waukegan Center is located at 1601 N Lewis Ave. Planned Parenthood says both surgical and medication abortions will be committed at this facility. Planned Parenthood commits abortions at 64 percent of its facilities, kills 40 percent of all the preborn babies killed by abortion in the United States each year, and operates more surgical and medical abortion facilities than the combined total of all the other abortion facilities. Yet, inane “fact checkers” routinely say that Planned Parenthood is “not” an abortion business. Crazy!

ALL in the News – Judie Brown Featured on Weekly Talk Show

This week, American Life League president, Judie Brown, was interviewed by political commentator and former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes. The interview will appear on the show, Let’s Talk America with Alan Keyes. Last week’s show with ALL’s executive vice-president, Hugh Brown, can be watched here.

American Life League executive vice president, Hugh Brown, was interviewed by political commentator and former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes. The interview will appear on the show Let’s Talk America with Alan Keyes

Judie Brown’s weekly commentaries and press statements continue to be featured as a column on Renew America. This week’s Tuesday commentary, Dear bishops, be lions for Christ, was featured on the site’s front page. 

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – Babies are Lil’ Ruiners

Choice For 2 has released another satirical video. Its latest lambasts the pro-abortion position that perceives babies as tiny moochers sucking away a mother’s time, career, and finances.

Action Item of the Week –  Country begins to slowly reopen—act now

Very slowly, states across the United States are beginning to emerge from the various shut-downs and stay-at-home orders. Businesses are slowly opening and people are beginning to go back to work.

During the pandemic, Planned Parenthood, although closing a small number of facilities, insisted on its “right” to kill babies. Public pro-life activity never completely stopped. Thanks to the work of the Thomas More Society in Chicago, even when local governments tried to halt pro-life activities, many court battles were won. TMS was able to argue successfully that First Amendment Rights are superior to local bans on pro-life activity—as long as justifiable restrictions on social distancing (six feet) and the number of people (10 or less) are adhered to.

Even the fantastic Red Rose Rescuers were able to save babies during the pandemic following the same guidelines.

Now that things are opening up (see this CNN list of all states), more pro-lifers can begin to emerge from their homes and have a presence at the abortion and Planned Parenthood facilities. The bonus is that you can even bring your children with you! Everyone can get out of the house . . . . and pray for the babies being led to their death.

Remember, while the country was busy taking precautions to avoid the virus, preborn babies were still being murdered. Although reports on the numbers are conflicting, there seems to be some evidence that the number of abortions taking place actually increased in the last three months.

I will never forget the “success story” from Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic in New York State: “When an emergency responder in one of the New York counties hardest hit by COVID-19 recently found out she was pregnant, she decided that it wasn’t the right time to have a child. So between a busy schedule of helping patients, she made an appointment for Planned Parenthood’s new telehealth service, requested an abortion, and attended an initial counseling session—all while sitting in an ambulance. Once she completed her virtual visit through the organization’s app, the first responder’s ambulance swung by her local Planned Parenthood clinic so she could pick up the pills needed to end her pregnancy.” 

We couldn’t save her baby, but we can save the next one. It is time we took back the streets from Planned Parenthood. In this month of Mary, let us all resolve to be out there giving pregnant women REAL help and saving babies. Rosaries said at killing centers are very powerful.

Our prayers and our actions are needed everywhere to save God’s children!

Pro-life Social Media – Stay-at-home orders aren’t keeping families from honoring Mary, the mother of God

Stay-at-home orders aren’t keeping families from honoring Mary, the mother of God. Being that May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, families honor her with a May crowning. We scrolled though Instagram to see how families are continuing the tradition despite limitations on group activities.

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Yesterday, we did a live streaming of our May Crowning. Thank you Samantha D., who was chosen by her 8th grade classmates for this honor! #catholicschools #maycrowning #svdprs

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Our postulant Hazel Rose crowning Our Lady in the lobby at Rosary Hill #maycrowning #catholicism #religioussisters #religiouslife #catholic #catholicculture #wreathofflowers

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Don’t forget – send your May Crowning/Honoring Mary picture or video to Mrs. Sherry to be included in our video tomorrow! #catholicschool #blessedvirginmary #maycrowning

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Don’t forget – send your May Crowning/Honoring Mary picture or video to Mrs. Sherry to be included in our video tomorrow! #catholicschool #blessedvirginmary #maycrowning

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May Crownings! Our diocese consecrated to Mary yesterday. The kids and I laid flowers at Mary’s feet at home. It’s a tradition I’d love to see more of in our parishes #maycrowning #marymotherofthechurch #motherofthechurch

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Social Distant Crowning 👑 How did you celebrate May Day?

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We usually celebrate May Crowning with our St.Alphonsus Family so this year looks a little different but we made the best with what we had to remember this special day! 🙏🏻💛💙#maycrowning #stalphonsus #ourhivewillsurvive #sidewalkchalk #sidewalkart #covid19 #stayhomestaysafe

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