Pro-Life Heroes, Politics, Lies, and Rumors

March 16, 2018 09:00 AM

BREAKING NEWS: A Michigan judge sentenced five pro-life activists to one year of reporting probation, eight days of community service, more than $1,000 in fines each, and forbade them from going within 500 feet of any abortion facility in the United States. See this week’s Action Item for more information.

Pennsylvania held a special election this week to fill the 18th Congressional District seat in the US House of Representatives. This seat is in a Republican dominated area that President Trump won by a 20 percent margin easily in 2016. Surprisingly, the Democrat, Conor Lamb, won the race by a very slim margin (113,813 – 113,186). With regard to pro-life topics, The Nation reports: “On abortion, Lamb, a devout Catholic, said that while he personally believes ‘life begins at conception. I’ve always believed that and I believe it in all cases,’ he also ‘would not outlaw a woman’s right to choose.’” Generally, these “personally opposed” politicians are among the strongest pro-abortion voters once they get in office. It is very difficult to draw national conclusions from a race that involved just four counties in one state, but Lamb’s victory should remind everyone that the elections in November will be very tough. Everyone who wants to protect preborn babies must be actively involved.

Individual states continue to target the funding of Planned Parenthood. This week, both Nebraska and Tennessee advanced bills in their respective legislatures to end PP funding for some or all programs. Governors in both states support the defunding. As we’ve mentioned in previous weeks, Planned Parenthood is placing a large emphasis on some governor races to try to stem the tide of states voting to cut off its taxpayer funds.

Lawmakers in Tennessee have also introduced a bill to create a monument for victims of abortion. State representative Bill Dunn told reporters: "Currently on the state capitol grounds we have a memorial for slavery and we have a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. I'm saying that the common thread that goes through all three of those is a time when society said some human beings are less human than others." As you would expect, Tennessee’s Planned Parenthood advocates are against the bill and say legislators should fight for laws that will change life for those who are already living—not creating monuments.

According to the Montana Kaiman, the University of Montana had an exhibit on campus called the Tunnel of Oppression. It is described as “a multi-room exhibit that aims to shine a light on the oppression that many groups experience everyday.” One of the rooms was designed by Planned Parenthood. It “features anti-abortion protest signs while audio of people yelling at someone walking into an abortion clinic plays. The combination of audio and visuals can provide what [a Student Involvement Network spokesperson] described as an emotional experience.” There was no room dedicated to abortion victims.

Finally, there is an unsubstantiated rumor going around this week that Planned Parenthood Federation of America is considering Texas politician Wendy Davis for its next president. This is one rumor that should be ignored. Were Planned Parenthood’s next president to be another professional politician with no healthcare experience, the organization would quickly lose the little credibility it has left. Satan is too clever to let that happen.



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