Pro-Life Hearts Form Life Chain

I am always so impressed with local news reports on Life Chain, which in my opinion is one of the most powerful pro-life witnessing events we have in our nation today. It is a family affair, and that's why I like reading about it, not to mention joining in.

There is one incredible news story that I simply have to tell you about because if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, this picture is a front runner. 

When you read the story in the Kane County Chronicle reporting on the Life Chain in St. Charles, Illinois, it will take your breath away. What a tremendous image of precisely what our pro-life work is all about–children reminding adults that  "abortion kills children."

This particular Life Chain was bittersweet for the participants since the opening of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Aurora, Illinois inspired many to take part this year who might never have done so in the past. As Irene Hollenbech, one of the local residents, told the paper, "That abortion mill … does not belong here. It does not belong anywhere in our country."

I have to say that for as long as we must, we will encourage all families to take part in Life Chain Sunday, hoping that the day will come when that chain reaches from one corner of America to the other, surrounding a nation that no longer condones the killing of her youngest citizens.