Pro-Aborts Terrified of Truth


Pro-Aborts Terrified of Truth

By Judie Brown

Today marks the official 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions that decriminalized the act of abortion for any reason for all nine months of pregnancy.

On that fateful day, Supreme Court justice Harry Blackmun, writing for the majority on the court, said in the ruling,

“We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer.”

But what was interesting then and remains so today is that the word science is nowhere to be found in that decision. You see, the justices had decided prior to the decision that the actual science of the human being—embryology and fetology—were not going to be considered!

Yet, as we know full well, the Carnegie Stages of Human Development, which outline the development of the preborn child from the single cell embryo to birth, were established as fact in 1942, long before the justices took up the question of when a human being begins.

Furthermore, the science of fetal development and fetal medicine, as pioneered by Sir A. William Liley in the mid-1960s, could also have been considered by the court.

However, they had already chosen to pursue the politics of abortion rather than the truth of science.

To be clear, the scientific explanation of the human being’s development is not a church doctrine or a political statement; it is science. Period. So why did the Supreme Court choose to deny this simple truth of science and choose instead to muddy the waters with its own subjective, inane reason for avoiding the question?

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The answer is simple: The fix was in; the decision was predetermined, and the all-pervasive dishonesty of the decision agreed upon prior to it ever being written. Roe v. Wade “was a horrible decision morally and legally,” as many legal minds agreed.

This is precisely what Brooke Stanton, CEO of Contend Projects, confirmed in a recent article. She wrote:

Roe propagates scientific illiteracy about human reproduction and human development, to the point that it dehumanizes women to this day. And the false science embedded in Roe is causing many male and female human beings as embryos and fetuses to be killed, precluding ethically and legally valid informed consent, poisoning femininity, undermining the value of girls and women, and contributing to the erosion of human dignity for society as a whole.

Roe established a number of arbitrary and unscientific fallacies about embryology in order to justify the manipulation and termination of human beings. Some of these falsehoods include that science does not know when a human life starts, that there is an open question on whether or not a human embryo or fetus are human beings, and that some human beings are more fully human than others.

As erroneous as such thinking is, far too few point this out. But Stanton is an expert in this field, and her views are going to become mainstream thinking, as many of us in the pro-life movement set sail in the sea of correcting error and teaching truth. In fact, we will use resources like those created by Contend Projects,  the Culture of Life Studies Program, and other credible resources.

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The only way to deconstruct the lies of the past is to tell the truth—the scientific truth—and never back away from it.

The folks who create half-truths and myths have an agenda that drives them. Abortion is their meal ticket, and the marketing of contraception reels in the very women who will eventually be their abortion customers. No wonder they don’t want the public to know the scientific facts.

Pro-aborts are terrified of the truth.