Primary Voting, Legislative Victories, and Pro-Life Activism Increases

May 11, 2018 09:00 AM

Primary season continued in earnest this week with primaries held in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia. Early reports from these states indicate that some solidly pro-life individuals won positions on the November ballot. (Note: Although we encourage you to vote for pro-life candidates, we are not a political organization and do not work for or against any particular candidates.)

There are five primary dates in a total of 24 states in the next seven weeks. Please learn about the candidates and vote for life in the following primaries:

  • May 15 – Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania
  • May 22 – Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky
  • June 5 – Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota
  • June 12 – Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia
  • June 26 – Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, Utah

This week, the National Abortion Federation released its report of pro-life activity at abortion facilities across the nation. The report showed a tremendous increase in pro-lifers having a physical presence at the killing centers since 2015. The number of pickets, for example, surged from 5,000 in 2014 to 78,000 in 2017. We attribute this increase to the release of the baby body parts videos by the Center for Medical Progress that began in July 2015. These numbers are evidence from the other side that pro-lifers refuse to abandon the babies, continue to protest their murder, and try to save their lives even in the last minutes.

With a vote of 28-5, the Louisiana Senate passed a bill that would make it hard for Planned Parenthood to open an abortion mill in the state. According to published reports, the bill's provisions include a prohibition on public funding for organizations that provide Medicaid services in the same facility as a licensed abortion provider and stops the Louisiana Department of Health from entering into a Medicaid provider agreement with entities that are blocked from receiving public funds on abortion-related grounds. Louisiana already has three killing centers in the state. Planned Parenthood operates two offices in the state and neither one currently does surgical or medication abortions.

This week in Missouri the state legislature approved a budget that prohibits the state’s Department of Health and the Department of Social Services from distributing money to any abortuary or any affiliate of a facility that commits abortion. This wording would then deny state funding to any of the 11 Planned Parenthood centers in the state. The budget still needs the governor’s signature. Once it goes into effect, we expect that Planned Parenthood will file a lawsuit to try to get a friendly judge to put a hold on the ban.


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