President Bush: Dump FDA nominee, Plan B

August 16, 2006 09:00 AM

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, issued the following statement urging President Bush to withdraw his nomination of Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach to head the Food and Drug Administration because of his unwillingness to express clear opposition to the deadly Plan B “morning-after pill” regimen:


American Life League once again exhorts President Bush, members of Congress and the FDA to protect the American public and pull all support for the campaign to make Plan B ? commonly known as emergency contraception ? available over the counter. As we have repeatedly observed, the FDA should have never authorized any use of this dangerous drug, and it should not make it readily available without a prescription.


Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, Bush’s nominee for FDA commissioner, has yet to take a hard line against Plan B, and thus his nomination should give pro-lifers reason for grave concern. It is beyond troubling that the president’s choice for the highest position in the FDA is willing to give serious consideration to the over-the-counter status of Plan B. It is further troubling that von Eschenbach claims that over-the-counter availability might be in the best interest of women’s health. The only way to ensure safety for women and preborn children is to pull the drug from the market altogether.

The FDA certainly has its faults; the organization has deceived the public over the past 40 years by obscuring the fact that the birth control pill can kill preborn children prior to implantation. Positioning someone as FDA commissioner who does not immediately recognize the inherent danger of Plan B will only worsen the organization’s ability to truly protect the American people.

At this critical time, American Life League implores President Bush to withdraw the nomination of Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach because of his unwillingness to take a stance against Plan B. It is time for President Bush to appoint an FDA commissioner who will protect all women and children and who will help build a true culture of life.


Release issued: 16 Aug 06

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