Postmortem on election

Having seen the commentaries of not a few people on the outcome of the election and what it means, I am left wondering if most writers are simply in denial.

I haven't seen any comments truthfully admitting that at least in South Dakota, it was pro-life rhetoric from the past 33 years that defeated the abortion ban. When national right to life types can call repeatedly for pragmatic language in legislation that includes rape, incest and life of the mother exceptions, it should not be shocking that Americans really believe that support for such exceptions is a given.

Let's not beat a dead horse. 

The establishment pro-life movement has to cease supporting abortion in specific cases. The establishment pro-life movement has to stop nibbling at the edges of America's abortion trade by putting forth bills such as the current one that simply says a baby should receive a pain killer before being murdered by abortion.

Let's face it. Every abortion is an act of murder. When all of us believe that and act like we believe it, then we will be blessed with victory. Until then, I say go look in the mirror. What is your philosophy and why?

Don't forget. It's all about the babies; not politics, not polls, not power lunches, and certainly not exceptions. It's the babies!