Polling For Morality

The recent poll on birth control in school brings me to a startling discovery:  parents really do not want the responsibility for raising their children as chaste, pure persons who want to wait for marriage to engage in procreative relations.

The Associated Press/Ipsos poll indicates that 67 percent of adults favor letting public schools dispense birth control, while 62 percent believe that parents should give their consent prior to the birth control being handed out.

There seems to be a rather close divide, however, between those who advocate birth control and sex education in the schools versus those who believe it is more effective to stress morality and abstinence in a public school setting. Either way, in my view, the children lose.

It's interesting that this poll took place after the developments in Maine and that the question seems to relate to 11-15 year-olds rather than all adolescents. And even at that, the bottom line is that in America, parents are entrusting the souls of their children to the secular state.

That should appal anyone who is striving to end abortion in America today. It does not bode well for the future of families, children and marriages based on God's law rather than man's desires.

Such facts as the abortive nature of the pill or the fact that chemical steroidal birth control does not protect against AIDS or the HIV virus pale in comparison to the spiritual and psychological devastation that is spreading like wildfire, and can be seen nearly anywhere you happen to look.

The pro-life nature of our work demands that we not sit back and permit the agendas of hedonists like Planned Parenthood to take center stage in the classroom. So may I ask what you have done to become more involved with stopping Planned Parenthood!

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