Please Make Room For Miracles

I realize that we live in a world saturated with death and destruction. A glimpse of the evening news exposes the dead in Israel, the dead in Iraq, and the devastation in Syria. If it is not these conflicts, it has been others over the past forty years.

Yet rarely do we hear about the reason why human persons have become so expendable right here in the good ole U.S.A. Far too many in our "peaceful" country prefer to kill rather than care. And yes, I did just use an oxymoron. 

If you ask the average American what stands out about being an American, they will tell you that it's the freedom, the ability to succeed or the myriad choices before us.

Such a person has no idea about the war that is going on on our own soil; a war that kills the preborn, the aging and the disabled in numbers so high it becomes impossible to contemplate.

So when I read Terry Vanderheyden's commentary about Pamela Winnick and her dad, I realized that even in the midst of such deadly violence in our own country, there is so much hope.

If you have not read "Doctors kept asking to 'let' my father die," I invite you to do so. Pamela Winnick, a modern day heroine, became creative in an effort to protect her father from the death peddlers. And as a result she was blessed. She witnessed miracles too amazing for you to hear about them second hand.

You just have to read it!

So as our culture tries vigorously to eliminate God, His wisdom and His power, we have to respond with faith in Him; with His love, His charity and a personal strong-willed commitment to resist unto death what we see around us. 

Don't ever give up; don't ever get discouraged; just remember Pamela's father and persist.

Have a blessed day.